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One Year Ago Today

Such of flurry of emotions had taken over me the day I landed in Wellington, New Zealand to physically meet the love of my life for the first time. First and foremost, I was scared to meet her. I was afraid there would be no spark after flying halfway around the world.

It was strange how I was feeling. We had talked via Skype and later Duo for almost 2 years. It’s not like I didn’t know what she looked like. I once told my therapist the fear that I had when meeting her for the first time. “Is she not your type?” He would ask me. “No. She’s very much my type.” I would respond.

Why was I so afraid? When I was in a relationship in the past, I would get all excited to come home and ravage my partners. But when I got home, I was like meh and went about my business around the house. Later, a big duh moment came over me. Clearly, it was because I wasn’t attracted to men.

Jumping back to me in the airport in New Zealand. I nervously looked around for her. I had gotten there earlier because I changed to an earlier flight in Aukland. She wasn’t expecting me just yet and I wasn’t able to text her to let her know because there wasn’t any free Wi-Fi at the Aukland airport.

I called her when I could not find her. She asked me where I was standing. I looked up and told her that I was in front of Gandalf riding on a Golden Eagle. She knew exactly where I was. I hung up my phone and looked around again.

There she was. My Honey Bee. Walking towards me. Instantly taking me in her arms and I felt I was home for the first time in my life. This is where I was meant to be. In her arms.

Our Relationship in a Nutshell. Me being silly and her laughing at all my stupid jokes.

One year ago today….

One year ago today, I was in the air on my way to meet the woman I would propose to someday. Who knew!

Left: 2016. Right: 2017.
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New Zealand Things: Burgers

Yup.  That’s right!  They put beets on their burgers.  They put beets AND mangos on their burgers.  And guess what!?  It’s YUMMY!

Before I left on my trip, one of the doctors that I work for went to New Zealand during Christmas break (which is ideal because that is their summertime).  He told me to get a burger over there.  He said that they put everything on it.  And of course my goldfish brain, forgot why their burgers were any different from ours.  I remember that he said that they put eggs on their burgers.  But we do too.  He said some more things but I couldn’t remember the list of ingredients he told me.

We went to the mall the first day I got there and we walked past the food court.  At the McDonald’s in said food court, they had a sign up for the Kiwi Favourite Burger.  It had beet root on it.  BEETS!  That’s the ingredient the doctor told me about.  I was intrigued.  Although, it wasn’t days later until we went to Burger Fuel when I tried beets on my burger.

The Bastard.  That’s what the burger was called.  It had avocado, lettuce, tomato, mango, and beet root.  I ordered one without the avocado and toMAHto.  And boy oh boy!!  It was delicious.  I want to make burgers like that at home.  It was so good!

Later on in the trip, I did get the Kiwi Favourite Angus Burger.  That had the beet root and egg on it.  It was very yummy as well.  The Kiwi are such an innovative people.

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Wellington Zoo

Kiwis are real, ya’ll.  I’m not talking about the fruit or about New Zealanders.  I’m talking about real live actual Kiwi birds.  They are so cute too!!  My first Sunday in New Zealand I find myself at the Wellington Zoo with my favorite Kiwi people looking at my first ever Kiwi bird.  It’s a shame I wasn’t holding a Kiwi fruit cuz that would be awesome.  One fact I didn’t know about Kiwis is that they are nocturnal.

The first enclosure had a kiwi that had lost his leg.  It was very dark and you could barely see him.  But people kept using they flashes on their cameras or their flashlights on their phones.  He was so scared and he tried to scamper away but it was difficult cuz he only has one leg.  I felt so bad for him!!  I did use the opportunity to get a picture of him when someone else was flashing him.  So, I’m not the bad guy, right?

Another animal that we don’t have at our zoo was a sun bear.  He was looking rather depressed because there was no sun.  In fact, it was raining.  L and I were smart and bought umbrellas on the way to the zoo.  O used his hood on his jacket.  EJ was soaked.  Nonetheless, Mr. Sun Bear was laying out on the branches trying to find some sun to bathe in.  All he found was rain.  Wow…. This zoo trip is sounding depressing.  It really isn’t.  It was a lot of fun.

Then we came upon two kinds of beautiful cats. The serval and caracal.  We don’t have these at our zoo either.  At least I don’t think we do.  I don’t remember.  They look like sleeker bobcats.  We have bobcats at our zoo.  I’m thinking that’s what I’m thinking of.  Anyways, there was a giant plastic grass thing on the side where the kids could pretend they were stalking us.  They were pretty good at it.

We saw all of the other sorts of animals that are in the zoos around my area like giraffes, emus, kangaroos, lizards of various sorts, tigers, otters (who were so adorable playing) and a red panda.  Of course there were some primates or various types as well.

It was a fun day despite the rain.  We stopped by a McDonald’s for coffee and hot chocolates.  A perfect ending to an awesome cold and wet day!


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New Zealand Things: Coffee

The first cup of coffee I had State side after my trip was… meh.  This is very weird for me because I LOVE COFFEE!!  Coffee is never meh to me unless it’s from the gas station until I had my first cup of New Zealand coffee.

Look how pretty!!  This was the time we actually sat in el Porteno to enjoy a coffee.

When I landed in Wellington and before we got back to her place, we went to her favorite little coffee shop, El Porteno.  I knew what I usually get in America but I really didn’t know what to order in New Zealand.  I stood there staring at the menu board like it was in a foreign language.  I knew all the words though.  I knew latte, cappuccino, Americano… ooh Mochaccino!  I’ve had one of those.  We ordered and we got it to go.  It was so cute!  It came with a little caramel candy on top of the to-go lid.  EJ gave me here because she really didn’t like those candies.

I took one sip.  OH. MY. GOODNESS.  It was so yummy!!  So so so so so so good!!  Then I was introduced to coffees in cups.  They were so fancy looking.  And it didn’t matter where you went — McDonald’s or the gas station or the café down by the beach.  They were all fancy with the foam with the different designs in them and the candies.  EJ’s preferred choice was the lattes but I loved the mochas.

We got these at the Te Papa Mueseum.  These were pretty but not as impressive in taste.

And now… as I sip my American coffee I sigh.  And I’m a little scared at the same time.  EJ
is a self-proclaimed coffee snob.  She’s going to take one sip of our coffee and fly straight back to NZ and never come back.  Ok.  I MAY be a little overdramatic.  I know my favorite coffee shop will be up to snuff.  I just don’t think I can take her to McDonald’s or the BP to get a coffee worthy of her lips.

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The Answer

The answer is NOPE!!  I kissed her.  Just like our first hug.  I couldn’t really remember the events that led up to the first kiss.  I remember a month or so ago EJ had sent me a quote about the first kiss.  How the seconds leading up to the first kiss was the sweetest.  The pause right before the kiss.  I don’t remember the seconds or minutes leading up to the kiss.  I hope she was able to enjoy the pause.  I’m not sure there was a pause.  I just remembered telling her I couldn’t wait for the first date and I kissed her.  My body got instant goosebumps.  My lips were on fire.  I knew that I never wanted to stop kissing her.  But I also knew that we actually had to get stuff done around here.  Even though, I would have happily lived in those two weeks in her arms and in her kiss.

We had one night alone together before her kids came home from their grandparents.  Before you get that thought in your head about Brown Chicken Brown Cow, we are waiting.  I’ve done a blog post on how I want to wait before having sex.  So we kissed a lot and of course snuggled until we fell asleep.

The next day her kids came home.  We didn’t tell them when I was coming in.  I wanted it to be a secret.  It was her daughter’s
, L, birthday party on Saturday.  L was really hoping I could make it to her party but EJ and I kept saying that I wouldn’t be able to make it.  I knew all along that I would be there.  We were even planning the cake.

EJ came running down the hall in a panic.  “Oh my God!!  He’s here!!”  She was speaking of the evil one.  Her ex.  The kids’ father.  He hated me.  He hated that I was coming to visit.  He hated that the kids loved me so much.  I panicked and started to run into her room.  “No!  Just stay in the bathroom.  He’ll see you when he walks by my windows.”  So, I stayed in the bathroom.  Really hoping he didn’t have to come in here for some reason.  When he left, I made my way down the hall into the living room.

Me:  So, I hear someone is having a birthday party.

O (her son): Hi. Wait.  WHAT?

L:  *
squeals and smiles along with inability to talk*

Didn’t we do so good for first timers!?

Hugs all around!  They were really excited to see me and I was so excited to see them!  It was awesome!!  Next, we were off to the supermarket to see get the party food and essentials for the cake.  EJ and I were going to attempt to make a Tardis for L’s cake.  I had confidence we could do it!  And we did!  The kids loved it.  Most importantly L loved it.

Let me tell you about Cheerios.  No.  Not the corn circle cereal.  These are sausages.  The kids loved them!  I am not a fan.  And their appearance didn’t help the appeal either.  I had one.  Just one.  That was enough in my lifetime.  Thanks.

Our plans for the next day?  The Zoo!