Teachers Are Cray! #1

Professor: A compound or open fracture is a fracture in which the bone breaks through the skin. You do NOT want to see something like that.

Me: *thinking to myself* Phew! After last week’s gross pictures of skin diseases, I’m glad she’s giving us a break. *laughs at self for clever pun*

Professor: So, here’s a picture of one that’s the worst in all of the internet.

Me: Aaaah!!!! For the love of God!!!! Why!?!?!

Professor: *sniggers*

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The First Week

This first week of school has been a whirlwind! Because of the summer semester, we have to cover twice as much stuff in half the time.  In this first week, I had 5 tests!  We covered 3 chapters in my Medical Terminology class and 2 chapters in my Computers in Health Information Technology class.  PHEW!

I woke up in the morning, got ready for work then headed into the room in which do my schoolwork – which happens to be the crafting room.  I would then work on my assignments until it was time to go to work.  I pack up my books and lessons and take them to work.  I then study the chapters with flash cards and also work on any assignments during the downtime at work.  There are luckily a few doctors on vacation, so downtime was plentiful! Then I would do the same thing at home until about 10 pm. At which point I force myself to go to sleep.


I did all of this so that I could have the weekend free.  I didn’t want to be doing school work while my kids wanted to spend time with me.

The first couple quizzes I aced them.  I was so proud of myself looking at my 100-percents in the grade section.  I obsessed over keeping them at 100%. So, to say I was a bit disappointed when I missed a few on the quizzes that followed would be an understatement.  After I shed off that unrealistic expectation, I can say that I am enjoying the classes a lot.

This is what I was meant to do.  I can feel it.  I’m so excited about my future.  With that first week behind me, I can honestly say that I’m excited about learning more in this field.