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Bloggers Block

Well, I guess I can’t say I have a block cuz there are so many things to blog about.

Like the Pope wanting to reinstate divorced people into the Catholic Church but still says gay marriage isn’t valid.

Or how I found out my trainer’s sister is gay and my workout buddy didn’t even bat an eye so there may be hope to stop calling EJ my friend when I talk about going to New Zealand to visit said friend.

Also there’s the whole workout and fitness progress that I’m very proud of and that my girls want to fitness as well.

I want to talk about the day trip I took to visit my bestie and her trials with a man that makes me oh so very happy that I’m a lesbian.

Not to mention about how nervous and excited and I am that my trip is coming up so quickly and I can’t believe in little over three weeks I’ll be NZ bound!!

I’d also like to do book reviews. Well,  a book review cuz the book reminds me so much of EJ and I.

The list just goes on!!

But I just don’t have the motivation. Ugh. Stupid motivation. I’m so lazy.

So I’ll just sip my coffee and contemplate on how awesome it would be to motivated and inflict the world with my awesome opinions.

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Rant Time

I hate the new and “improved” posting experience.  It sucks.  That is all.