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I have been a writer with the aspirations of being published since I was 10.  I would have my mom buy me journals anytime it was possible.  I would write actual novels.  My first ever attempt was a book called Cassie.  How I wish I could find that book!  I would love to see what 10-year-old me found important enough to write.  I do remember it being a romance novel.  I had a crime novel as well.  I can’t remember the title, but I remember there was a lady detective and all that.  I also remember I wrote it in a composition book.  I did find a book that I started when I probably around 12 or 13 not too long ago.  It was about a girl who lost her virginity.  Pretty risque for someone who didn’t lose her virginity until she was 20.

These past few years I have been so close to being published I can taste it!  I have a first draft that is completed.  And I’m working on a YA fantasy series at the moment.  I’ve subscribed to literary magazines, Writer’s Market, Poets & Writers, The Write Practice and so on and so forth.FANMADE_Twilight_facedesk

I have just been in a funk lately with my writing.  I’ve not been motivated – and yes, I know that’s just an excuse.  Writers aren’t motivated most of the time.  I have had excuse after excuse.  I am now re-working my romance novel from it being centered on the struggles of online dating to the struggles of the protagonist re-opening her mothers’ LGBT community center – which I believe will be better in the end.  My latest excuse is that I left my short story outline at work.

I received an email from Glimmer Train last month about their New Writer’s Open.  I let all my emails pile up in my writing account.  When I started to clean my inbox out, I found it.  It had been buried, and I come to find out the deadline is at the end of this month.  I suddenly had the insatiable urge to submit.  I have submitted to them before, and I got a rejection letter.  My first ever rejection.  It sucked, but even the great Stephen King got rejected.  Like a lot.  Also, I haven’t submitted my work anywhere else.  Which I need to do as well.

With the new sense of purpose, I started to outline my story.  Luckily, work was so slow yesterday that I was able to almost complete my outline and finish a book – which I will post a review soon.  My girls are with their dad this weekend, so it was going to be a perfect time to bang out my short story within a day.  On the drive home, I realized that I left my outline at work.  My new sense of purpose dwindled.  UGH! All that hard work… what if I don’t cover everything I wanted to that was in my outline.


Also, I have to save Princess Zelda from Calamity Ganon.  I mean… this weekend has gone to pot!


Meh. On second thought, that bish cray.

Then I read a post from a writer, and it was eye opening.  He said that he has been wanting to publish a book for 30 years and hasn’t gotten the motivation to see it through.  I don’t want another 30 years to pass me by without being published.

I just got to power through it all and get my stuff out there!  Wish me luck, y’all!!

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NaNoWriMo: The Aftermath

Greetings to my readers! I’m back from the craziness that is NaNoWriMo!

This was my first year at attempting it.  Although I did not win, I came back with lessons learned and a new love for writing.  My total word count for the month came to 38,216.  I was doing pretty good the first week but then the election happened. And let’s just say it was all downhill from there.  On the 28th, I decided that I was going to try to win it. I wrote over 5k that night but the next night I was not so lucky.  I wrote 2k and at the end there I just sat staring at the computer.  I had ran out of ideas.  What do I write next?

By the end of that night I decided to make this book a series.  I had an idea for a short story on how a preacher’s wife decided to open her late lesbian moms’ (yes that’s plural) LGBT center.  Well, I’ve decided to incorporate that into this story and make it into a series.  I am so excited about.

So, here is what I learned from participating in NaNoWriMo:

  1. Outlines are your friends.
  2. Character sketches beforehand can be helpful to get ideas on what your character should be doing next.
  3. Planning is key for writing 50,000 words in 30 days!
  4. Writing conversations between your characters makes me feel like I’m having a conversation with myself.
  5. Having a word count app on your phone is a God Send! (I used Writeometer by Guavobot)

I am going to use my newfound knowledge for my future novels and future NaNoWriMo participation.  I am just so excited for my writing future!

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Nanowrimo? Nanu nanu! 

So it’s happening! I’ve decided to join the NaNoWriMo challenge. I’ve had an unfinished novel for years. 

I started it back when I was in denial and thought I was straight. I was going to scrap it when I came out but my girlfriend inspired me to just change it to a lesbian couple. 
Even after I breathed new life into, I’ve sat on it for about a year. Now I’ve decided enough is enough! Shit or get off the pot! Am I right? 

I have to write 50000 words in one month. So far I’ve written 17393. Still a ways to go but it is only the 5th day. I think I’m doing pretty well. 

So if you’re wondering where I’ve been or where I will be. I will be writing my butt off and finally finishing what I’ve dreaming of since I was in 3rd grade… I will be finished with a novel at the end of the month! 😁😁😁

The NaNoWriMo Starter Kit
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Short Story Contest

I need some feedback on a short story I have written. I know there a few of you out there that I would love to get feedback from but I didn’t know how else to get a hold of you. Send me your email address at and I will send you a PDF of it.

Thanks so much!

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Decisions Decisions

It boggles my mind how one decision could have such an impact on my life. I am out to my close friends and family. But I’m not particularly all the way out. From what I believe, my church doesn’t know that I’m gay. The people that work at my place of employment don’t know. My kids’ friends’ parents don’t know. Acquaintances don’t know.

But they should know. I shouldn’t be actively trying to hide this fact. I’m out to the people that matter and if they don’t matter then I shouldn’t even care. They do matter. My church matters. I don’t want them to constantly worry and fret over me. I’m neurotic. So, maybe they won’t. The only view I have heard spoken at the pulpit is one of welcoming LGBT people into the church.

So, what’s this decision that has such a heavy weight on my mind? The decision on whether I should use a pen name or my real name when publishing my lesbian romance books.

Vocab Lesson!!!



1. a neurotic person

2. Miss Vee

I’m pretty sure my English teacher taught us that we can’t use the word in the definition. But what do I know?? I’m still obsessing over what people think of me. I’ve been obsessing over this for the past 35 years. I am slowly making my way out of it. But this is going to be a long journey, people.

By the beginning of June, everyone is going to know after they see my vacation pics of me cuddling up with and kissing my girlfriend. That’s going to be the real kicker to all of this. I am just preparing to rip this Band-Aid off once and for all. Cuz it’s getting kind of gross and dirty and it’s just painfully dangling off of my arm hair.

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Self Publishing

I’m making lots of head way with my romantic comedy and I have been looking into self publishing sites.

Does anyone have anything they would like to weigh in on this? I think I’m going to go forward with Lulu.

Any help would be great!