A little bit about me…

I’m a Christian and a Lesbian.  I’m just walking through this thing called life.  Being a Christian is tough enough but add being a Lesbian on top of that is even tougher.  Not being accepted in my own faith has made a battlefield in my mind.  I hope to reach out to other LGBT community members who are believers but think our Creator doesn’t accept us. He does and He loves us unconditionally!

My love for God and the love of my Honey Bee and our kids makes my life an absolute joy! My friends and family have been amazing through this all.

Myself and my girlfriend are new to this. We have never been in a relationship with a woman. Currently, she lives in New Zealand which means we haven’t even touched each other.

Thanks for stopping by. This is a place of love and any hate comments will not be approved.

God bless!


8 thoughts on “A little bit about me…

  1. Please be safe. It’s hard enough being a straight Heretic that thinks there’s no problem having a Lesbian that is Christian best friend and another best friend that is Pagan and being willing to blog for both of them. Thanks for the “like” click on my post.

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  2. *sigh* You’re welcome. I had limited options. Watch my best friends be harmed or attempt to do something to help. Since I tell them I love them when it is private, I’d better do that in public. The blog is the outgrowth of that thought process.
    Yeah, the world is a scary place but, not everyone is a jerk and by having someone I know come out to me, I learned not to be one either. Till they told me, I had no clue about them and when I did find out, I changed my views and, ultimately started writing. Still, please be safe. Not all jerks are willing to change. I don’t know you but, that doesn’t matter. You are human and that’s enough to want you safe before “out”. Does that make sense?
    Anyway, it’s late but, I followed your blog so I might watch your journey. Best of luck on the trip to NZ.

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  3. I can’t believe I haven’t responded to this yet(!)
    I am happy to be following your blog because I am a lesbian that has a wife; I too was raised in Christianity (Catholicism to be exact) and have struggled and still continue to struggle with being both gay and Christian. There doesn’t seem to be much room for us.

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    1. Thanks for following! I think that I will always struggle with this because of the Christians in my life. It’s hard to not feel condemnation when it keeps getting thrown back at you around every corner. But since this blog started I am starting feel more comfortable about me as a gay Christian.

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