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I Ran

And swallowed a bug.

And wet myself.

I guess that happens all the time. For cardio my trainer said we could train for the 5k they are having in June.  I’ve never ran before but my workout buddies are professionals at it.  LA and I  took to the track in hopes that I didn’t drop dead with my first attempt.

Our trainer wanted us (me actually since this is old hat to LA) to walk one minute and jog for 30 seconds. We started out doing that but then we decided to just jog as long as I could stand it and then walked.

I did pretty well for a newbie.  But I decided if I’m going to continue to jog I’ll have to invest in those sexy Depends.

My fitness journey is going pretty well. I’m happy with my results and my energy level is awesome!! YAY!!

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I need new bras. Of course, the boobs are the first to be sacrificed to the fitness gods.  What little boobs I do have to sacrifice. Which means my current bras are doing this weird indentation thing that makes my boobs look crazy.

I’ve never been to a formal fitting. I guess I should.  I am so self conscious about my boobs that I just get all awkward and weird about bras and such. 

It’s the classic tale of boyfriend finds my boobs inadequate and starts staring at other boobs WHILE WE ARE STILL DATING!!! Now my poor girlfriend has to put up with all the self boob loathing. Plus I’m so jealous of her boobs! They are so amazing!!

It’s so funny and sad at the same time because that is the only part of my body I hate. It’s funny because I’m overweight with a huge butt (which I LOVE my artic shelf!!!).  I guess that’s what frustrates me. What fat girl doesn’t have boobs??? Well the women in my family. That’s who. Curse you genetics!!

I try to be confident and not body shame myself when my girls are around. I never want them to be self conscious and hate their bodies.  They get that enough out in the world. They don’t need it when they come home.

The word on the street is that a correct bra fitting can boost your confidence. So I’m going to give it a go. And try not to beat myself up about it.

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Miss Vee Getting Fit Special Edition: Workout Buddies

Sorry this post is so late. I was going to write one last night but I decided to wait until after my physical training session tonight.

I feel I am getting stronger! Last week, I was so weak after one of my sessions that I nearly vomited and passed out. Whew! That’s when I decided that I should eat more when I plan on doing my physical training. 

I’ve done battle ropes and I felt so much  like Ruby Rose. HA! And I’ve flipped a huge tire.  I still have the bruises on my arm as proof.

I’ve also acquired two very lovely ladies as my workout buddies. They are so nice and one is always cheering me on when I wanna give up during the cardio portion of the session.

I’m really very excited about getting stronger and finding new buddies!!

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Special Ms. Vee Getting Fit Edition: The Exercise Assessment

Last night, I had my exercise assessment. Let me repeat that for emphasis… It was only my exercise assessment. This wasn’t the real thing. He just wanted to see what my current level was.

It killed me!! Not so much the weight lifting part.  I LOVE lifting! It’s so much fun!! And I was able to dead lift 135 lbs (~61 kg)! Hear me roar!! But my cardiovascular stress test… Well it stressed me out!

I have my very first actual training session with this dude that will probably try to kill me.  But that’s OK. It’s exactly what I need or my life will never change.

Hopefully I won’t be deaded and I’ll be able to tell you of my first session.

What’s your favorite part of fitness? Cardiovascular, strength training, or the couch?