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What I’ve Learned From the 13th Doctor

I am so excited about the new Doctor. I’ve been going on and on to Emma about how there should be a woman Doctor.  But from day one of my Whovian experience, I have always wanted it to be so. When I first learned of my wish finally coming true, I just couldn’t contain myself.  FINALLY!  OH, MY GOODNESS!! IT’S HAPPENING!!


At this point, I’ve never heard of Jodie Whittaker. Emma loves her.  She has seen her in Adult Life SkillsA movie I wish to see and yet I am unable to find it.  As the new Doctor Who series approaches, there are a lot of articles about her and her role as the first ever lady Doctor. One article sparked my need to write this blog post.

In the article titled “Jodie Whittaker on the Importance of Becoming Doctor Who‘s Star,” she explains how awesome it would if it weren’t such a big deal.

It’s amazing to be a milestone, but how wonderful if it wasn’t, if it was just accepted, embraced. I’m not dissing the moment—it’s f**king brilliant—but hopefully when other people grow up, it’s not so much of a surprise.

How great is that??  I love that. It would be so awesome if this weren’t such a big deal. If we could just watch the show and not worry about the gender of who is cast as the lead. After I read this article, I realized something.

I’ve always believed that I was a feminist. I am all for the empowerment of women. We should be equals in everything. At one point, I started feeling that men were beneath us. I can tell you that this is a toxic thought.

We need to come together and celebrate our strengths. Every human needs to come together. Which led me to this realization…

I’m a humanist.

Let’s all raise each other up. Honor our differences and praise our strengths!




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