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Goodbye Shakes! Hello Keto!

I was fed up. First and foremost I was fed up with weighing in every week. And I started thinking back to when I lost that 40 pounds a couple years ago.  I would eat clean. Real food not shakes but real actual food. And I would weigh in every month. Just once a month. When I was weighing in every week, it would frustrate me.  Sometimes to tears.  I remember telling myself that I would never weigh in so much.  I broke up with my scale and while I was in the shake program, it was like someone forcing me to be in a relationship with someone I didn’t want to be with.  Hmmmm…. sounds like my early dating life.  Ha!

My sister and her sister-in-law have been doing this keto diet. I really hate using the word diet because this is actually a way of eating now. This is something you can’t just give up. So I decided to trash the shakes and pick up the bacon. That’s right I can eat bacon now.  My long lost love!

At first I thought it was really weird. My sister would put coconut oil and butter in her coffee. Coffee is a very sacred thing to me. And that was just weird. But now I drink one of these Bulletproof Coffee every morning. Now it feels weird to have coffee any other way.

Let me tell you a little tale about when I tried to eat unhealthy.  About a week into eating this way, my daughter had an open house at her school. They were giving out free ice cream cones from Mr. Softee. Mr. Softee is the best ice cream in town.  We would spend entire summers just to catch up with the van.  I was just going in line to get one for the girls’ dad cuz he was too embarrassed to stand in line. But then he ended up getting a ticket as well. So I thought to myself what was just one ice cream cone I’ll be fine. I was so wrong. I hurt so bad. My stomach was cramping and I just felt sick. It was like the betrayal Stantz felt when his beloved Staypuft Marshmallow Man became the destructor.  So now I know not to go anywhere near sweets.

No sweets?? Say it ain’t so!!  I can have sweets.  I eat dark chocolate and I eat desserts that have natural sweetners in them.  Tomorrow night, I hope to make chocolate pound cake.

I started my daughters on this. It’s not as hardcore as I’m doing it, but they are eating the dinners. When I pack their lunches for school it is within the keto guidelines. We had a birthday party for my niece that last week. The girls had lots of sweets and they could feel the same way I felt when I had sweets. My youngest daughter then says to me,  “I need steak!” I gave her a high five.

So I’ve been feeling great and my clothes are feeling looser. I don’t weigh in until Saturday. I did weigh in last night because I got a new scale and so far I’ve lost 5 pounds but that was at 10 o’clock at night so we’ll see how much I weigh in the morning on Saturday.

I’m really excited to go back to eating better and feeling better. I just need to work on getting out there and working out. I do love working out I just haven’t been doing it. Wish me luck!

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Long Distance Relationship

EJ and I are coming up on our one year anniversary. October 25th to be exact. And we’ve been talking for about 2 years. Anyone in a long distance relationship can tell you that they are really hard. Especially hard for those who live across the globe. As time goes on it seems to be harder.  Because we miss the other one so much.

Lately I’ve been comparing my relationship with EJ to my relationship with God. Both are so very far away and I know that they love me so very much. I also know that they are so very faithful to me. Then something happens when you’re not in constant contact with either one of them.

For those of you who have been following me almost from the beginning I talk about my Sherlock moments. For those of you who have not been following me as long, this refers to when I keep to myself and I don’t want anyone around. And that even includes the love of my life. She and I have discussed this before sometimes she has those moments but she does not have them as much as I do. I’ve been in one for about a couple weeks now and that’s when she begins to worry. She starts to think that I am going to leave her. And in the past it would have been true. I’ve done that before. I would draw into myself and not have any contact because I was having this internal struggle and I had left her in the past. So these claims and worries are not unfounded. I really do hate that I had put her in that position.

Like God, the only renewal for our relationship is contact. So when I feel this way I really need to give her a video call. But for some reason I don’t and in these moments of being antisocial drag on. Which is really sucky because she worries and I know she worries.

I’m not sure if it worries her more if I’m not worried. I have always been the girl that would cling to my partner. Hoping he would stay and doing everything I thought would please him. But with EJ, I don’t do that. I know she is going to stay. Unfortunately, as I stated above, I’ve left that worry in the back of her head because I have left.

It’s been a long time since I have had someone stick around for so long. And have them actually want to stick around. So this is kind of new territory for me. Maybe I should be doing more of those things on the LDR lists to make sure she knows I care.

I called her a couple nights ago and it really was awesome to see her and hear her voice. It really helped out a lot. She got her tickets to see me in March and I am super excited!!  I just got to be more mindful and make sure she never doubts my love and devotion.

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Sermon Notes: The Secret of Humility

This week’s sermon was about humility.  It was also about using a fresh eye to what the message Jesus was conveying in His parables.  Pastor Mark pointed out that we tend to skim through the parables because we have read them over and over.  We feel that we already know the lesson.  But we need to look more closely into what He’s trying to teach us.

Pastor Mark
Title: The Secret of Humility
Scripture: Luke 18:9-14


Sometimes we get bored of the Parables.

As soon as we read the cast of characters, we come to the conclusions.

In the time of Jesus, the Pharisees were religious successes. They were a pillar of the community.  They were serious about God.  The community admired them.

Tax collectors in the 1st century were despised. They were in the company of extortionists and evil-doers.

1. We must be more concerned with self-righteous comparisons than with conceit.

Low marks were not given for either one for prayer and being in the temple.

We feel like the Pharisee is conceited.

We like our heroes to be modest.

Conceit is really a minor thing to God.

It’s a way for people who feel small on the inside to look good on the outside.

The problem with the Pharisee was not conceit. It was the sin of pride.

It’s a manifestation of a spirit of the self-righteous.

The smell of grace gone putrid: When people compare their virtues with others’ flaws. They are not heartbroken and don’t help. They just feel special that they are better than others.

2. We must be more concerned with living in God’s presence than with hypocrisy.

We think that being a hypocrite is the worst.

When you are in the presence of God, you are more receptive to your sins.

Isaiah 6:1-5

We need God and cleansing.

We never outgrow the need of God’s grace and forgiveness.

Humility is looking into the face of God to see ourselves and to see humility.

When I see my sin, I will see my need for forgiveness.

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Forgiveness: Not Just For Christians

I see so many bitter and angry people in my everyday life.  I think of my friends and family with their grudges and negative opinions.  And believe me, I have my fair share of begrudgedness.  (Wait… that’s not a real word??)  All I can think is that people need to tap into forgiveness.

It’s pretty easy for Christians… ok… it’s little easier for Christians to dole out some forgiveness.  It’s a really big deal for us.  It says in the Bible that if we don’t forgive others then God won’t forgive us.  Translation:  a one-way ticket to Satanville.  It’s commanded of us to forgive others.  But it shouldn’t be just a Christian thing or a religious thing.  It should be a human thing.

There’s real release and peace through forgiveness.  Even the scummiest of the scums need forgiveness from you.  Not because you’re ok for what they have done.  Do it because it will give your mind a little bit more rest.  You’ll be able to be receptive to peace of mind.

Don’t get me wrong.  Forgiveness is SUPER HARD!!  Depending on the offense that was given to me, it could take me weeks or months to forgive someone.  It takes longer to forgive myself.  But keeping that all pent up inside yourself and your soul will slowly eat you up alive.  It’s not a great feeling.

Let’s face it.  Humans can really suck.  I’m an optimist though.  I feel that if we give out as much forgiveness and grace as possible, we might affect the humans around us.  And it will be a ripple effect because they will in turn affect the humans around them and so on.  At least that’s my dream. That’s why I try to forgive as much as possible.

Just take the time to forgive right now.  This second.  Don’t hold it in.  It may not change the human that did you harm but it will help you to slowly heal yourself and help you move on.

My prayers are with you.


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Sermon Notes: The Scandal of Grace

Pastor Mark
Title: The Scandal of Grace
Scripture: Matthew 20:1-16


Grace is receiving what you don’t deserve.  Mercy is not receiving what you do deserve.

Grace is not of this world.

We have no clue how to give or receive.

Grace saves even the lowest sinners.

We are forced by our hatred to go back to the cross and ask did Jesus die for some or all.

Grace is greater than our sin.

We can not outsin the cross.

The two things are damnable – people who think they outsin the cross or people who outshine the cross.

People need grace now!!

Matthew 20:3-7 – How many of us would trust enough to be hired without being told how much you’ll be getting paid?

Landowner is not only concerned about the vineyard but also about the unemployed workers.

Matthew 20:11-12 – They reacted as predicted.

The late comers weren’t paid any less. Early comers weren’t paid any more.

The Early comers were happy with the wages promised to them that day.

Do you think the same grumblers will come back to work the next day?

Matthew 20:16

This means our positions in Christianity don’t mean a thing.

Grace makes us all equal.

1. Grace reminds us that God’s favor is a gift.

Don’t take God’s Grace for granted.

Sometimes we demand Grace.

God dispenses not wages.

Romans 6:23

2. Grace keeps us from looking down on ourselves.

You don’t have live up to others.

Seasoned Christians should be the best servants.

3. Grace makes us equal to everyone else.

Romans 12:3

Let’s not be so hard on others (not condoning sin). Be generous.

4. Grace offers us a fresh start.

It doesn’t matter if you ask in the 3rd or 11th hour.

It doesn’t make us first or last.

We should run out to find ways to give grace to others.

God doesn’t need your approval to save people.

Matthew 6:15

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Facebook: Satan’s Toolbox

I know. I know. This is a pretty crazy title. But you gotta understand how much toil and strife Facebook has given me. That stupid website has given me so much grief that I stopped logging into it. Not until recently when my sister asked me to post pictures from our trip to the Zoo that I logged back in to it.

I kept to myself at first. I just posted pics and didn’t wander over to my newsfeed. Pretty soon I was back to my old habits of checking my notifications every 10 minutes. And then it happened. I put in my two cents on a status that really upset me. It was the classic religion vs. homosexuality type status. The first part of my reply was really good and probably should have stopped it there. But nooooo… I decided to be snarky. And then I posted another snarky reply after that. After reading a few more replies from others, I decided that I needed to get rid of this profile.

I am so sick and tired of being offended by everyone. EVERYONE! I understand that’s my problem not everyone else’s. But still it’s just not worth it. I definitely need to put up guardrails around Facebook. So, I downloaded all my photos from Facebook (it’s super easy with Shutterfly) and I sent a text to all of my closest family members and friends stating that I’m getting rid of the old profile and sending out requests for the new profile. I got a text back from one of my brothers from another mother. He said that I shouldn’t delete my account. He regrets deleting his. I haven’t deleted my old profile just yet. And maybe I won’t. I’ll just delete all of the people and then people can find me. I’ll be able to filter who I let in.

This new profile is very exciting! It’s my life’s story through pictures. I also want to introduce new categories and get a little artsy with it. There will be no status updates unless they pertain to pictures. I feel like I have brand new start and it’s nice to breathe fresh new air.

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Sermon Notes: Caramel Coated Christianity Won’t Cut It

The theme of this week’s sermon was about giving God your all and not just a percentage of yourself.  Pastor Dan also talked about serving false gods.  This doesn’t mean that you bow down to a half man/half donkey golden statue.  It means whatever you elevate above God.

Pastor Dan
Title: Caramel Coated Christianity Won’t Cut It
Scripture:  1 Kings 18:17-39


Luke 10:27

God wants all our hearts not just a portion.

Many people compartmentalize their lives.

They slip into their religious compartment on Sundays and their secular compartment through the week.

False gods promise what only God can provide

Example:  Lots of money can bring you security & happiness.  Only God can provide security and happiness.

Monotheism – one God
Polytheism – more than one

Most of us are polytheistic because we put things above God.

Anything we put in front of God is the sin idoltry.

What do I put above God?  Video games.

Elijah’s prophetic message: It’s time to quit wavering.

1 Kings 18:21

Most people accept Jesus as fire insurance.

People nowadays want to worship God but don’t want to sacrifice.

Pick a side. Make the decision.

Go all out for God and hear Him say, “Well done my good and faithful servant.”

A coach wouldn’t accept 50% of a team. Would God?

This is not a message of condemnation but of tough love.

God is not made. He wants us to turn back to Him.

See God for who He is and all the false gods will fall away.

We need an intimate relationship with Jesus the person. It will be more difficult to keep those idols in our lives.

For a month commit to reading the Gospel of John with your family