These past couple weeks have been stupid and I’m done. I’m claiming victory in Jesus Christ.


Thoughts from the Shower #1

As I was standing in the shower shaving my armpits, my eyes fell upon my shower gel. The French word for wash is douche. So, have people been insulting others by calling them a cleanser? Is it really that insulting to a guy to be called a cleanser inserted into a vagina? I thought straight guys like vaginas. 

That’s just a peek into my brain pan. Y’all should be scared.

Teachers Are Cray! #1

Professor: A compound or open fracture is a fracture in which the bone breaks through the skin. You do NOT want to see something like that.

Me: *thinking to myself* Phew! After last week’s gross pictures of skin diseases, I’m glad she’s giving us a break. *laughs at self for clever pun*

Professor: So, here’s a picture of one that’s the worst in all of the internet.

Me: Aaaah!!!! For the love of God!!!! Why!?!?!

Professor: *sniggers*

Pride 2017 Day One

Happy Pride Month! I want to tell everyone what I’m most proud of. I’m most proud of my lovely fiancee. Because of her, I can live my life authentically. She has accepted me for all of my flaws. I love her so much!

Guilty Pleasure

Currently, my guilty pleasure whilst pmsing is reading bitchy reviews on Goodreads. It may be my lowest pleasure, yet. And a bit frightening as an author – albeit not published yet. But still bookworms can be down right nasty!