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Say the Whole Thing, Fully Everything

If you express a strong opinion and get attacked for it, please don’t backpedal with “I was only trying to say” or “What I really meant was.” Of course we want to be humble and teachable. There is always room for criticism and dialogue. It’s good to say you’re wrong: but don’t apologize for being […]

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Note to Self

Do not talk about your relationship with your sister.

No matter if she accepts who you are and says that your walk is your own, it’s still awfully awkward. I have plenty of people to talk about relationships with. My sis will not be one of them… For now at least.

She did say something about my dating someone over 8k miles (13k km) is a defense mechanism so I don’t get hurt.

Believe me. I didn’t go out looking for a woman to date whilst I was fangirling over Tom Hiddleston. There was no intentions to fall for my Honey Bee. It just happened.