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It Started with a Riot

June is Pride Month and Regina’s Pride week starts today, going until June 18. It seems that the reason for Pride has been lost in the overshadowing of corporate sponsorship and partying it up. So I want to bring it back. I want to delve into the history of Pride and why it is still […]

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I have been a writer with the aspirations of being published since I was 10.  I would have my mom buy me journals anytime it was possible.  I would write actual novels.  My first ever attempt was a book called Cassie.  How I wish I could find that book!  I would love to see what 10-year-old me found important enough to write.  I do remember it being a romance novel.  I had a crime novel as well.  I can’t remember the title, but I remember there was a lady detective and all that.  I also remember I wrote it in a composition book.  I did find a book that I started when I probably around 12 or 13 not too long ago.  It was about a girl who lost her virginity.  Pretty risque for someone who didn’t lose her virginity until she was 20.

These past few years I have been so close to being published I can taste it!  I have a first draft that is completed.  And I’m working on a YA fantasy series at the moment.  I’ve subscribed to literary magazines, Writer’s Market, Poets & Writers, The Write Practice and so on and so forth.FANMADE_Twilight_facedesk

I have just been in a funk lately with my writing.  I’ve not been motivated – and yes, I know that’s just an excuse.  Writers aren’t motivated most of the time.  I have had excuse after excuse.  I am now re-working my romance novel from it being centered on the struggles of online dating to the struggles of the protagonist re-opening her mothers’ LGBT community center – which I believe will be better in the end.  My latest excuse is that I left my short story outline at work.

I received an email from Glimmer Train last month about their New Writer’s Open.  I let all my emails pile up in my writing account.  When I started to clean my inbox out, I found it.  It had been buried, and I come to find out the deadline is at the end of this month.  I suddenly had the insatiable urge to submit.  I have submitted to them before, and I got a rejection letter.  My first ever rejection.  It sucked, but even the great Stephen King got rejected.  Like a lot.  Also, I haven’t submitted my work anywhere else.  Which I need to do as well.

With the new sense of purpose, I started to outline my story.  Luckily, work was so slow yesterday that I was able to almost complete my outline and finish a book – which I will post a review soon.  My girls are with their dad this weekend, so it was going to be a perfect time to bang out my short story within a day.  On the drive home, I realized that I left my outline at work.  My new sense of purpose dwindled.  UGH! All that hard work… what if I don’t cover everything I wanted to that was in my outline.


Also, I have to save Princess Zelda from Calamity Ganon.  I mean… this weekend has gone to pot!


Meh. On second thought, that bish cray.

Then I read a post from a writer, and it was eye opening.  He said that he has been wanting to publish a book for 30 years and hasn’t gotten the motivation to see it through.  I don’t want another 30 years to pass me by without being published.

I just got to power through it all and get my stuff out there!  Wish me luck, y’all!!

Pride 2017 Day One

Happy Pride Month! I want to tell everyone what I’m most proud of. I’m most proud of my lovely fiancee. Because of her, I can live my life authentically. She has accepted me for all of my flaws. I love her so much!

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Wanted: More Lesbians

I’ve decided that I need more lesbian friends in my life.  I have had the pleasure of meeting some awesome lady loving ladies online but I have felt that I’ve been missing something in my life.  It’s kind of like getting married friends when you’re married.  Or finding friends with kids when you’ve had kids.


I’ve been out as being lesbian for about 3 years or so and I’ve been out as bisexual (HA!) for even longer than that.  But I’ve never been a part of the LGBT community since I’ve came out.  I’ve been blessed to have a bisexual best friend.  But for as long as I’ve known her, she’s only been with men.  I think she had once told me that she prefers to have sex with men. (Ew.)

I have a gay male friend.  We’ve been friends for ages and ages!  We grew up next to each other since we were 7 years old. Since Trump was elected, our relationship seems strained. I mentioned on Facebook that I would give Trump a chance – and trust me that horrible man blew through all the chances I could give him in a thousand lifetimes within his first week of his presidency.  I wonder if I were in the community more I would know not to say anything like that.  I was just tired of my friends and family being attacked for voting for Trump – even if I did want to ring their necks.  I still love them all.  And since I’ve said that, it’s been weird.

I need some seasoned lesbians to take me under their wings and show me the ropes, I suppose.  I just feel that I’m missing that feeling of solidarity.  When I go to Pride Fest with my best friend, I just feel so much… well… pride for who we are and who I am.  I don’t want that feeling to go away once I get in my car and start driving home.

But here’s the really big issue.  I’ll have to overcome my introverted ways.  How can I go out and meet new people if I can’t be bothered to leave the house?  Perhaps I should call my best friend and have her go out with me.  She says she’s sick of men and might start dating women again so I’m sure I can coax her into it.


Wish me luck, y’all!

Guilty Pleasure

Currently, my guilty pleasure whilst pmsing is reading bitchy reviews on Goodreads. It may be my lowest pleasure, yet. And a bit frightening as an author – albeit not published yet. But still bookworms can be down right nasty!

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Book Review: Huntress

Title: Huntress
Written by: A.E. Radley
Pages: 325
Publisher: Heartsome Books

About This Book (as seen on

Amy is stuck in a rut. After graduating, she never left her temporary job at the motorway service station. Daily visits from a mysterious woman are the highlight of her days.

Until one day, when the mystery woman vanishes.

Amy investigates the disappearance and makes a shocking discovery. Suddenly, she’s being framed, and no-nonsense Claudia McAllister is being sent to arrest her.

Will Amy’s unique approach to evading capture prove successful?


This book is different from the Flight Series in that it’s a crime book.  At first, I was a little nervous reading this. Crime stories aren’t really my thing. I gave it a shot because I love what A.E. Radley has put out so far. Luckily, this story did not disappoint.

The story follows Amy – a woman who is brilliant and intelligent but sells herself short by remaining at a dead end job.  The only thing that makes her dull day-to-day worthwhile is the beautiful and exotic Cara. After the woman goes missing, Amy takes upon herself to search for her and chaos ensues.

The book is a funny and -at times – a scary tale about being in the wrong place at the wrong time.  Radley – as always – does a FANTASTIC job with her character development.  I love Amy.  She is adorable with her big mouth.

The only issue I had this book is that it was too short.  I wanted more!  I sure hope there’s a sequel to this.

I highly recommend this book.

Huntress is available for pre-order at


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One Year Ago Today

Such of flurry of emotions had taken over me the day I landed in Wellington, New Zealand to physically meet the love of my life for the first time. First and foremost, I was scared to meet her. I was afraid there would be no spark after flying halfway around the world.

It was strange how I was feeling. We had talked via Skype and later Duo for almost 2 years. It’s not like I didn’t know what she looked like. I once told my therapist the fear that I had when meeting her for the first time. “Is she not your type?” He would ask me. “No. She’s very much my type.” I would respond.

Why was I so afraid? When I was in a relationship in the past, I would get all excited to come home and ravage my partners. But when I got home, I was like meh and went about my business around the house. Later, a big duh moment came over me. Clearly, it was because I wasn’t attracted to men.

Jumping back to me in the airport in New Zealand. I nervously looked around for her. I had gotten there earlier because I changed to an earlier flight in Aukland. She wasn’t expecting me just yet and I wasn’t able to text her to let her know because there wasn’t any free Wi-Fi at the Aukland airport.

I called her when I could not find her. She asked me where I was standing. I looked up and told her that I was in front of Gandalf riding on a Golden Eagle. She knew exactly where I was. I hung up my phone and looked around again.

There she was. My Honey Bee. Walking towards me. Instantly taking me in her arms and I felt I was home for the first time in my life. This is where I was meant to be. In her arms.

Our Relationship in a Nutshell. Me being silly and her laughing at all my stupid jokes.