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“God Is In Control” Doesn’t Let Us Off the Hook — J.S. Park

Yes, Christians, “God is in control so don’t worry” and all those other cold comforts that we throw around. No, Christians, that doesn’t absolve you of being an ambassador of healing and reconciliation and actually leaning into the legitimate fears and anxieties and grief of many people. You ain’t fooling anybody with this “God is […]

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Sermon Notes: Is There Any Comfort When There Are No Answers?

This week’s sermon was about comfort through tragedies when there are no answers.  For most humans, this is a toughie!  When things go horribly, horribly wrong, we shake our fists to the skies and ask “Why God??”  Trust me!  I’ve had my share of these moments.  I really needed this sermon.

Pastor Mark’s sermon was based on the book Job.  For those who are unfamiliar with this story, Job was one of the greatest men in the region.  Not only was he wealthy but righteous.  God set Satan loose on Job.  Satan had free reign to do whatever to him except take his life.

I hope you all get comfort out of this sermon as I did.

Pastor Mark
Title: Is There Any Comfort When There Are No Answers?
Scripture: The Book of Job


Answers seldom give you comfort.

Knowing Him gives you comfort.

It’s part of being human to go through tragedies.

1. Some insights Job gained on the anvil of his experiences.

Job lost everything but his wife.

People who lack insight try to offer comfort through your tragedy but it does not help.

If you going to speak for God, it better be God speaking.

God builds you up and not break you down.

Things Job wrongfully accuses God of:
1. God does not care.
2. God does not control the universe.

Job 3:11

Job 30:20-23

Job 31:35

The question of all questions:  Why God?

2. God responds to Job’s Questions.

Job 38:1-3

How much do we really understand the universe?

Job 38:4812

God has created a world of depth we will never understand.

Job 39:1-2, 9, 19, 27

Job 40:6

2 animals were ceremoniously killed by the pharaoh after he was crowned.
Behemoth (hippo) – Job 40:15, 23-24
Leviathan (croc) – Job 41:1, 10-11

3. Job responds to His replies.

Job 40:3-5 — Job has had an attitude adjustment.
Job 42:1-6 — Job repents.

Job had a terrific change in heart and mind.

Did God give Job any answers? No.

God overwhelmed Job with His presence.

There is comfort from the reliant character of God.

We have forgotten He loves us and that He ascends all of our troubles.

The greatest comfort to a human being: God has everything under control.

Rest can come to us when we have confidence in God’s character.

The source of comfort is not in our own knowledge but in God’s character.

The greatest comfort is not through answers but by knowing God.

Psalm 46:10

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Sermon Notes: Empowering the Poor

(Sorry kids!! It’s another twofer as I forgot aka didn’t have the energy to type up last week’s Sermon Notes.  Enjoy!)

This week’s sermon included tips on empowering the poor.  Being poor doesn’t necessarily mean the lack of material possessions or money to sustain life. It can also mean relationally or spiritually poor.

It was an opener to me because instead of empowering the right way, I was doing it all wrong.  Hope these notes help you to empower the poor.

Pastor Dan
Title: Empowering the Poor
Scripture:  Proverbs 19:17 and 1 John 3:17-18


God wants us to empower the poor.

Matthew 25:40

When we help people, we are doing it for Jesus.

It’s more than an attitude.  It’s something we do.

Followers of Jesus are to be the hope of the world.

1. What is poverty?

When Helping Hurts: How to Alleviate Poverty without Hurting the Poor… and Yourself.” by Steve Corbett and Brian Fikkert

In America, we define poverty as a lack of material things.

Defined by underdeveloped countries, “Poverty is a mindset.  An ongoing feeling of shame.”

People need more than material things. We need to invest in their lives and change their mindset.

The root of poverty is the result of brokenness.

There are all different types of poverty.

Luke 19:20

Jesus came to restore every system.

Luke 4:16-21 – Jesus is the fulfillment of these words.

Jesus is the one who saves us from imprisonment and binds our broken heartedness.

2. We are called to serve others, not save others.

Point them to the answer.

We are not the answer.

When we come in contact with poverty:

a. provide relief
b. restoration/rehabilitation – lifetime involvement.

Luke 10

3. We are called to relate with people, not rescue people.

Those who are struggling are not a project. They are people who we love.

We need to get to know people.  Ask them what their story is.

Never do for somebody else what they can do for themselves.

4. We called to reach out, we never reach down.

Never reach out because we think we are better than them.

“We have divided the world into those who need help and who help.  But we are both.”

We are all broke and need help in some part of our lives.

We are all the same.

This isn’t about going to a 3rd world country.  We can help in our neighborhood.

Spend time with people.  Value people. Empower people and not just have pity.