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I have been a writer with the aspirations of being published since I was 10.  I would have my mom buy me journals anytime it was possible.  I would write actual novels.  My first ever attempt was a book called Cassie.  How I wish I could find that book!  I would love to see what 10-year-old me found important enough to write.  I do remember it being a romance novel.  I had a crime novel as well.  I can’t remember the title, but I remember there was a lady detective and all that.  I also remember I wrote it in a composition book.  I did find a book that I started when I probably around 12 or 13 not too long ago.  It was about a girl who lost her virginity.  Pretty risque for someone who didn’t lose her virginity until she was 20.

These past few years I have been so close to being published I can taste it!  I have a first draft that is completed.  And I’m working on a YA fantasy series at the moment.  I’ve subscribed to literary magazines, Writer’s Market, Poets & Writers, The Write Practice and so on and so forth.FANMADE_Twilight_facedesk

I have just been in a funk lately with my writing.  I’ve not been motivated – and yes, I know that’s just an excuse.  Writers aren’t motivated most of the time.  I have had excuse after excuse.  I am now re-working my romance novel from it being centered on the struggles of online dating to the struggles of the protagonist re-opening her mothers’ LGBT community center – which I believe will be better in the end.  My latest excuse is that I left my short story outline at work.

I received an email from Glimmer Train last month about their New Writer’s Open.  I let all my emails pile up in my writing account.  When I started to clean my inbox out, I found it.  It had been buried, and I come to find out the deadline is at the end of this month.  I suddenly had the insatiable urge to submit.  I have submitted to them before, and I got a rejection letter.  My first ever rejection.  It sucked, but even the great Stephen King got rejected.  Like a lot.  Also, I haven’t submitted my work anywhere else.  Which I need to do as well.

With the new sense of purpose, I started to outline my story.  Luckily, work was so slow yesterday that I was able to almost complete my outline and finish a book – which I will post a review soon.  My girls are with their dad this weekend, so it was going to be a perfect time to bang out my short story within a day.  On the drive home, I realized that I left my outline at work.  My new sense of purpose dwindled.  UGH! All that hard work… what if I don’t cover everything I wanted to that was in my outline.


Also, I have to save Princess Zelda from Calamity Ganon.  I mean… this weekend has gone to pot!


Meh. On second thought, that bish cray.

Then I read a post from a writer, and it was eye opening.  He said that he has been wanting to publish a book for 30 years and hasn’t gotten the motivation to see it through.  I don’t want another 30 years to pass me by without being published.

I just got to power through it all and get my stuff out there!  Wish me luck, y’all!!



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