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An Open Letter to My Fellow Americans

To My Fellow Democrats/Liberals: I understand that you are scared and uncertain what this presidency is going to hold for you. Trust me. I had a hard time stopping the tears on Wednesday. It’s scary for us. As a gay woman, I completely understand. The American people have elected someone that has shown very appalling behavior. We don’t know if our rights will be protected. We are afraid for our lives and safety as others have now put into action what the President-Elect has talked about during his rallies.

This is where I’m going with this: After I’ve dried my tears and let myself feel angry and hurt and disappointed, I started listening. I started to really, really open my ears. I started having a conversation with people who voted for Trump. Listening to why they did what they did. It really was eye opening. In our fight for equality and same rights as other human beings, we’ve stepped on people. We didn’t listen. Some of us have pushed their beliefs aside and told them that they are wrong. We call them bigots, racists, sexists… whatever other name we can define people that don’t have the same beliefs as us. We’ve been outraged at their religions and tell them to don’t get offended when we do.

There are some bad, bad people out there. There are some people who don’t want us to get married to whomever we love. There are some people out there that hate us for the color of our skin or for just being a woman. My plea to you all is to PLEASE PLEASE STOP CALLING ALL TRUMP VOTERS BIGOTS, RACISTS, SEXISTS, HOMOPHOBES, XENOPHOBES, etc., etc.

They are fighting just like we are. They want to be able to read their Bibles at school without ridicule. They want to be able to praise God and pray to God openly in public. They want what we want. They want equality. They want to not be bullied for their love. This is one of the reasons why they voted for Trump.

One of the campaign slogans for Clinton was “Love trumps hate.” But look at us… Hate is everywhere. It’s not just Trump supporters but it is also Clinton supporters as well. We have to love one another. No matter if they think that we are wrong. We must try to love the bigots. We must try to love the homophobes. We must try to love everyone of ALL religions. We must try to LOVE! Because if we don’t, we are no better.

We have to have an open conversation with each other. We can’t just keeping spewing hate and names back and forth at each other. We need to come together and understand why each of us is hurting, scared, or angry.

To the Republicans/Conservatives: I now understand why you voted the way you did. I know you’ve been silenced by us for long time. We thought of ourselves. I know you all aren’t all of those terrible things that I’ve mentioned above. I am willing to work with you all. I’ll even work with the ones that tell me that I can’t be Christian because I’m gay. I am willing to keep an open mind and see if Trump can do a good job. But if he tries to break down the rights that we’ve finally been given and worked so hard to get, I will fight to keep them. I will even help you fight for your rights when you think they are being violated.

I’m for equality for ALL!

These are just my opinions. I can’t make and I’m not trying to make anyone do anything. I am SO PROUD to be an American. We are already great and beautiful! We just need to open our eyes and ears and be more mindful of EVERYONE. I’m tired of being upset and angry. I’m going to turn all of those negative emotions and energy and use them for more positive energies and emotions. We need to unite together before the whole country implodes on itself. And also… stop losing your DAMN MINDS and stop burning the flag!

I love you all!!



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