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Rant: People. What a Bunch of Bastards

So I guess it’s my turn to have a super bad day. This morning mom asked me about the arrangements about when BD was picking the girls up when I left. I told her that he only has one week of vacation. She said that’s bullcrap and got super mad. She said she was just going to make herself unavailable. Do you think that’s going to hurt BD? Nope. Because he’s unavailable too. It hurts me because no one wants to watch my girls!

So now I’m upset. I told BD to call me. I asked him if he got that week off yet. And he said he didn’t get an answer yet because of people taking off and job positions being moved around. He didn’t know if he would be getting that week off. Great!! So now I am stressing cuz I have to come up with a plan B.

I text my sisters talking about the situation. I said that everyone has dropped the ball a month before I leave when I had this planned 6 months ago. Sister #2 said she will take them for a week. I sent a text to BD saying that it’s only fair that he finds a plan B since he was the one that told me those weeks were ok before I booked my flights.

He was able to find someone for a week and I was excited to call mom and tell her it’s all planned out and she has two weeks off.

I call her and I can tell that she’s been crying. I told her the plan and she said that’s alright. She didn’t want to burden Sister #2. It’s not a burden if she is taking them willfully. I didn’t even ask Sister #2. She just offered. And then mom goes on to say how BD is a pathetic father and how his wife is not acting like a Christian. And she’s even more pissed than when I left her.

Are you kidding me!?!? I was happy to have things fixed but now I feel like shit because mom is still not happy. Ugh!!!

Moral of the story: I can not make everyone happy.


/end rant



Single Mom of Two Wonderful Girls. In Love with her Kiwi Soul Mate. In Love with God and the Blessings He's Given.

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