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My Heartbreaks in Two

and then in two again.  It’s a very sad situation when you’re a Christian and a Lesbian.  Both sides are hurting.  Both sides are being dealt with injustices and horrors.  I logged into my email and there was a message from stating that Bible translators had been killed. Then I log into WordPress and read a story of someone’s misfortunes and fears as traveling as a trans individual.

I understand that Christians are feeling threatened.  I even understand why some won’t perform marriages or make wedding cakes for same-sex couples.  I understand why the LGBT+ community is angry at the discrimination.  I’ve been in this community for only a short time because I came out to myself last year.  Even though I’m new to this, I know that this battle has been long and hard for the LGBT+ community.  Finally, enough is enough for them.  They (I guess I can say “We”) have been bullied and beat and killed enough. We are humans just like everyone else. We do not deserve this.

Christians have also been persecuted, beaten and killed because of our beliefs. I’ve been bullied and yelled at and hurt because people think that Christianity is dumb and God is dead.  Things are changing with this new found confidence from the LGBT+ community.  I feel Christians are ill equipped for this.  I feel that we have been taught hate for so long. We have been threatened by hell fire if we even look or talk at a gay person.  It’s so sad that we are not equipped correctly when God has given us the tools all along. The greatest of these is Love.  

As a Christian, I do not believe that someone should force me to waiver on my beliefs and faith.  As a Lesbian, I do not believe that Christians should be so hateful and closed minded and hide behind Uncle Sam.  If you do not want to marry a gay couple, you shouldn’t have to. If you don’t want to bake a cake for a gay person, you shouldn’t have to.  When I go out looking for an officiant to marry me and my girl, I want someone who wants to marry us and gives us his or her blessings.  Why would I want to force it on someone?  There are so many people and businesses out there that will cater to the LGBT+ community.  We should be supporting them.  Not forcing someone who does not want to do it.

These are just my opinions.  Sorry it’s so scattered and everywhere.  My heart is breaking for my two communities.  I hope one day we can all love one another like it was commanded in that Great Book a lot of people are swinging as a hateful weapon.



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14 thoughts on “My Heartbreaks in Two

  1. I agree with your statement about someone marrying us that gives is their blessing. I would never want someone at my wedding that didn’t support our love. J and I are getting married in September. When we were looking at venues, we were always up front with everyone. We didn’t want to fall in love with a venue and then be turned away. Luckily, we had no issues and everyone was very welcoming. My issue with the bakery is that you are there to provide a service to the public. Key word being public. If you do not support gay marriage, then don’t attend the wedding and don’t marry someone of the same sex. But, you are baking a cake. Seriously, it should be no big deal. It’s not saying you support gay marriage. It’s saying you are doing your job by making a cake for someone in the public. With that being said, if someone turned us away and would not bake our cake, there is no way I would try to force them to. I’m sorry you are going through this. Like I said before, J and I both come from a Christian background and we know what we have been taught all our lives. However, we are teaching our children that God loves everyone. It is not our place to judge nor is it the bakers, the salesclerk, etc. Hopefully their generation will be better than mine has been. Lots of hugs to you! J and I are celebrating, we just did 40 days of no meat or pop for Lent. 😄

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    1. Thanks for the comment! 😊😊 I love WordPress because before I came to this place I thought people like me and a couple of friends were rare. But I see that it’s more commonplace than I’ve thought! It’s just an awesome feeling!

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    1. Thank you for the comment! I came to the realization that it is what it is. I am what I am. He created me as a Lesbian. There’s nothing I can do about it. Praying the Gay away means that I have found fault in His creation. He doesn’t make mistakes.

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  2. Kat V, I am a Christian, however, I am not going to pass judgement against the LGBTQ community because of how they live their lives. Even though I am not gay, if you ever need someone to discuss your feelings with, let me know.


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