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What I Want For Christmas…

I find this question hard to answer more and more as I get older. I struggled to tell people this year because I honestly have no clue unless they are willing to pay for my airfare to New Zealand. But I highly doubt that is on the table.

At first I wanted one of those cute little Fujifilm Mini Max cameras.  You know, the updated version of the Polaroid. They are adorable but the film for them is outrageously priced!  So, that squashed that idea.

Then I woke up this morning and realized there was something missing in my life… A comfy cozy comforter set. Holy crap! I never knew shopping for comforter sets would be this exhausting!!! So many colors and most of them not in my teal and peachy orange nautical beachy mermaidy theme I have going on. Down… Down Alternative… Quilts… Duvets… Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!

I seriously thought it was going to take me all night. Maybe even a week plus an aneurysm before I made up my mind.  But there it was in all its peachy orange fluffy glory!!


I will soon be an owner of a matching comforter set. I’m such an adult now!



Single Mom of Two Wonderful Girls. In Love with her Kiwi Soul Mate. In Love with God and the Blessings He's Given.

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