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Just a little thought….

I was reading a blog (instead of working) and I came across a dialogue that the author was having with a woman.  She was talking about how she finds appreciation for conservatism and that it’s better for gay people to stay in the closet.  His response is what I am feeling at this moment:
“People knowing that alternatives exist is more important, though,” I say. “At work, most people don’t know that I’m gay, and what that does is expose me to more homophobia than if they knew.”
Most people do not know that I am gay and I find that they wouldn’t say their homophobic ideas in my presence if they knew.  It would lift a great weight off my shoulders.  But I’m still too very scared to come completely out at the moment.
Sidenote:  You should go check Sam Rodgers’ blog out.  It’s called An Odd Geography and I love it!


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